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The central tenet of our work is rooted in the principle of minimizing the consumption of new resources. We consistently endeavor to utilize existing materials and resources, refurbishing and repurposing them to bring innovative projects to life.

From the materials we choose to the way we carry out our production processes, our goal is to reduce waste and enhance efficiency. Dive into our projects to discover more about our partnerships and continuous endeavors aimed at forging a more sustainable future.

Before making any purchases, our first step is to search for existing options rather than opting for newly produced items. If a product already exists, we prioritize obtaining it through second-hand sources.


If we can't craft something by ourselves, we meticulously select our partners, prioritizing local collaborations while ensuring their adherence to ethical principles. This approach allows us to align our practices with a sustainable and socially responsible ethos.


We kindly ask you not to throw away the shirts you order from us if they're worn out. From our perspective, it's mandatory for the textile industry to reduce waste. Fortunately, we've found a producer capable of doing so by incorporating their circular system. That means all textiles produced by them are 100% molecularly recyclable. With the following link, you'll be redirected to their website and get all the information on how this process works.

Thank you!

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