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The »Visuals« design reflects how the process of æzone live visu- als works and is based on graphical storytelling.


Self-created mobile phone videos are gathered, which are sub- sequently played on a laptop during a gig. This laptop, in turn, is recorded by a camera linked to a video mixer. Through the video mixer, a variety of glitchy effects can be incorporated into the footage, and a title maker is employed to craft letters and words. Subsequently, the edited video content is routed to the projector and finally displayed on the wall.


Main structures of the design:

Top right frame: Wiring of the individual components
Bottom center frame: Names of a selection of our videos Bottom right frame: A small excerpt of the videomixers effects

ÆSTHETICS Shirt – Visual Design

50,00 €Price
  • GSM: 170gsm

    Fabric: 50% recycled cotton / 50% organic cotton

    Technique: single jersey

    Color: greige (unbleached cotton) / black

    Neckline: 1x1 ribbed knitted

    End of sleeve & bottom hemline: double stitched

    Size: S-3XL

    Print: Screenprint with water-based ink

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